Bespoke Software

We’re all used to seeing in the media government IT project xyz being years late and millions of pounds over budget but the reality is most projects are delivered on time and on budget.

At Innovative Creations, we specialise in creating bespoke desktop and web applications for businesses in a variety of sectors ranging from retail to energy to telecoms. At the heart of what we do is the need for our customers to drive efficiency within their business, whether that’s providing staff tools to give their customers a better service, automating tasks to relieve pressure on man power or, to gain more financial control over their business.


Perhaps you have a regular task that’s carried out manually in excel and could benefit from automation, maybe you can’t find an off the shelf solution that does what you need it to or perhaps you want to launch a digital product and need a team of talented developers who can deliver it on time, on budget and to specification.


We can take the complexity and cost out of IoT, Big Data and machine learning projects. We have many tools in our toolbox that we can use to deliver cutting edge IoT projects. Below are just a sample of some of the tools we use.


so we can give you some awesome interactive story boards before we even write a line of code

C#, VB.NET, ASP.Net MVC, Node

so that we can use the right language and tools for your job

Microsoft Azure Cloud

so that we can provide a low cost, scalable platform to power your project. We can use your own servers if you already have them

Microsoft Visual Studio & Microsoft Code

because quite frankly we don’t think there are any better development tools out there

Microsoft SQL Server

so that we can make sure all your data is fast and easy to access, backed up and secure

Microsoft Active Directory logins

logins so that only the people you want to access your software can

If you didn’t understand any of those technologies it really doesn’t matter. Contact us so we can have a proper non-geek chat about how we can help.
If you want to learn more about our development processes please visit our bespoke software page.