How We Work

We believe passionately in building up a sweat for our clients

Our Process

We work with you to gather your requirements, design proof of concepts and deliver a hardened solution, holding your hand as much or as little as you require throughout the process. We don’t have a conversation with you and then disappear for months on end into our dark techy cave while we create your software and then surprise you on the final day of the project. We know from experience that just doesn’t work, leads to costly mistakes and wastes time.

From day one we reassure you about our processes and we invite you to join our Scrum meetings so you can hear about the progress of your software. Before we even craft a single line of code you’ll be provided with mock-ups that demonstrate how the solution will look and feel and until you are happy with these and they meet your requirements we keep iterating on the proposal.

Daily Scrum

Internally once we have gathered your requirements we start by having a kick off meeting with the team. This is where we inform the team all about your business and what your need is, rolls and responsibilities are assigned to team members and your project begins.

The team starts by developing mockups of your solution ready to be presented to you. Feedback is gathered from you and this is fed back to our team for any revisions that need to be made. Once you are happy we move onto the next stage where the magic happens – writing code.

Depending on the size of the project and the number of staff involved we either hold a Scrum meeting every morning or every couple of mornings. A Scrum meeting is where the team members get together for 10 minutes to discuss the day ahead and any challenges for day.

Expect Outcomes

A Scrum will consist of a Scrum master (person who chairs the meeting), product owner(s) (sometimes you or sometimes someone championing you on your behalf) and the development team. Everyone takes it in turns to say what they did yesterday, what they are doing today and to raise any issues that might be an impediment to their work for the day.

We always try and start releasing software to you at the earliest opportunity so you have something to start playing with. We find it’s a great way to quickly identify any further issues that weren’t discovered in the original mockups stage and it allows us to quickly make changes helping keep the project on time and budget.