IoT/ Big Data & ML

The internet of Things, Big Data and machine learning (ML) are the buzz words of the past year.

It’s hard to go a week without hearing about it. whether it’s the Nest thermostat or the IoT mouse trap there are some amazing devices and some that quite frankly should have never been invented! So, with all the confusing information about IoT and big data what are the professionals really talking about and how can we help you achieve your businesses big data connected dream?


There are many forms of IoT and big data and most industries can benefit from IoT, big data and machine learning in one way or another. Perhaps you’re a health care provider looking to use big data and the cloud to provide better care of your patients, maybe you’re a manufacturer looking to optimise your production line and detect/ predict when your assembly line equipment might fail or perhaps you have a commercial building that needs optimising and you want to reduce your energy consumption. These are all great examples of real world IoT and Big Data in action.


We can take the complexity and cost out of IoT, Big Data and machine learning projects. We have many tools in our toolbox that we can use to deliver cutting edge IoT projects. Below are just a sample of some of the tools we use.

Microsoft Visual Studio

so that we can build some awesome software

Microsoft Azure Cloud

so that we can provide a low cost, scalable platform to power your project


because it’s a fantastic open source time series database ideal for holding all that Big Data from your IoT devices

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Particle and Adafruit

so we can prototype devices cheaply and quickly

C#, C, Java, Node, Python

so that we can build software for nearly any device

Microsoft PowerBi

so that we can give you some cool dashboards to use

R, Spark and Azure Machine Learning Studio

so we can give you best of breed machine learning

If you didn’t understand any of those technologies it really doesn’t matter. Contact us so we can have a proper non-geek chat about how we can help.
If you want to learn more about our development processes please visit our bespoke software page.