Mobile App Development

We write apps for IOS, Android and windows mobile and have been since before the iPhone was even invented.

Mobile apps are so much more than games and social networks. Use them to increase customer footfall, improve customer experience or increase revenue. Get rid of the paper work that your staff in the field are using and give them an easy to use app that reduces the administrative burden.

Do you have field engineers who need to see their assigned jobs for the day, collect customer signatures or capture information? Staff who don’t work at a desk? Or customers where your website simply isn’t enough?


If you have multiple retail locations or need to know when a customer is on the premises then a mobile app might be for you. Using location services and beacons you can offer your customers special offers, check them into their 5* hotel room automatically and make sure your staff are where they need to be. Have a chat with us and see how a bespoke mobile app can truly make your business mobile.

Whether it’s publishing to the google play store, the Apple App Store or using corporate mobile device management (MDM) solutions, security is at the heart of every app we craft.

Using MDM you can choose which employees can access your app, push updates to their devices and wipe your employees devices clean in the event of loss of the device giving you the knowledge that your data won’t fall into criminal hands.


Here’s just a sample of some of the technologies we use


Allow your customers to sign documents and keep them safely stored in the cloud for all of eternity


Before we even write a line of code, we give you some awesome interactive story boards first.


With Xcode we can natively write IOS appplications using Objective-C and Swift


Making sure you are part of our test team and have the latest build installed on your phone, while keeping the app a secret from everyone else.

Microsoft Azure

Let us scale your cloud infrastructure with a click of a button as your app user base goes through the roof

Eddy stone & IBeacons

Ensure you never drop a beat with a customer with our amazing location based apps


Super slick Java based Android applications


If you want an app that will run on all devices it needn’t cost the earth.

If you didn’t understand any of those technologies it really doesn’t matter. Contact us so we can have a proper non-geek chat about how we can help.
If you want to learn more about our development processes please visit our bespoke software page.