Need a creative software solution? innovative digital products? We help you develop your business.

We are a people first company so, as well as developing smart software solutions we build lasting relationships with your business that help you succeed and grow.

We don’t speak Geek (unless you want us to) but we do develop intelligent solutions for a wide range of industries. We’ve watched, listened, learnt and delivered. Today we build on these achievments.

Application Development

At Innovative Creations, we specialise in creating software for businesses in a variety of sectors ranging from retail to energy to telecoms. At the heart of what we do is the need for our customers to drive efficiency within their business. Perhaps this is automating tasks within your business or just taking the day to day grind out of the job, then we're the team to talk to.

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Outsourced Development

Our Client Guarantee

Innovative Creations has been in business for more than 17 years so you can be assured we will be there for your future and with a wealth of over 20 years of recruitment wisdom which includes the provision of short and long term “creative” staff.

Smart Factory

The right software project done well will have a positive impact on your bottom line! Whether it’s automating a manual task, developing a mobile app for your business, turning your factory into a smart factory or migrating you to the cloud.

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